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who you know/ the in-crowd

Written on Six, twenty eleven;

“Who You Know”

Take your place in the centre of the room, if you want to be noticed by those that do not notice a thing, besides reflections off of shiny metal surfaces and the shimmer in a potential fuck.

If you so choose to be in the SCENE of things, create a name for yourself by selling your dignity for a moment of unprotected word vomit & plaster your body on each thirsty pair of occupied skinny jeans.

Don’t care about what Mommy says, because motherless and moral-less is the only way to go when you want the fame and rape of originality.

Tell yourself it’s worth it, and everyone will remember you.

Everyone will recall the respect you never demanded, the feeling of class you never projected, and the empty smiles you always received.

Welcome to the In-crowd. You’ll never feel more alone.