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8-bit, 80's, _♥, art., basically living off fruit, being polite to oldpeople, bike sailing, bizarro film, bjork, bloody lips, candy jewelry, cassiopeia, cellists, cocorosie, comic books, cosmetology, crashing pillows, cudding, culture club, cyndi lauper, dancing while i'm driving, drawing on friends, drooling, enduring a shark phobia, enormous wine glasses, exercising tomy hearts content, eye contact, eyelashes, fern gully, flight of the navigator, glowsticks, golden girls, gospel choirs?!, h a i r, hair styling, hand massages, having a secret, hipbones, horror movies, ignoring the obvious, joan jett, listening to heartbeats, loretta young silks, manners, mega man, my spice girls poster, necklines, negligence, neuro emotional technique, nicole kidman, nintendo ds, no seriously the 80s, noticing everything considerate, ocd, other cancers, over&out connecticut, pet names, photo booths, photographs at perfect moments, playing with hair, portishead, prince, public displays of retartedness, raspy voices, red slurpees only, road trips&casettes, saves the day, sentimental value, shoulder bones, singing the wrong lyrics, synonyms, the cure, the labyrinth, the last unicorn, thrift store browsing, ureka's castle, video games, vietnamese food, vintage appliances, ๏̯͡๏), ♂♂