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no, you cannot has ninurleven.

paul robertson, hmm, ingenius?

 i have cramps now.

is touching dicks even gay?

castle freak; the day


you'd have to see the movie to understand why this wins.

i want them back.


so,  i was making a new shirt.
just a bum around shirt. i usually use stencils+paint.

i do this in my basement.
i'm staring at my wall and then i pick up
a can of white spray paint and decide
what better then to paint a polar bear in a snow storn.

turns out. this was actually black paint.
with a white cap on it.

anyway, i doubt my mom will notice. D:

knee pads

i was just eavesdropping on my neighbors..
(because my window was open and they converse loudly) (sort of)

i heard some really interesting things. and by interesting i mean
freakin slutty and a lot about bad parenting.

 i now plan on leaving my window open, all the time.

white truffle heaven

DEAR GOD, Lindt & Sprüngli ♣
           i enjoy you like scrooge mcduck to his money bags.
especially the white ones.
   sincerely yours.