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a decade already. music is like a hug.


i've gotten back into sewing.
i'm making a ton of t-shirts into cute summery side projects.
instead of leaving them half finished.. they are actually wearable.
the strange part.. is what inspires me
to finish them and puts me in total "focus mode"...
is listening to music from around 2000.
stuff i got into when my best friend from birth, Selena, and I
would ride around late at night in her car, listening to Deftones
with her furry speakers placed classically in the back seat;
against the back windshield, BUMPIN the midnight stars...
watching ourselves let the smoke drift out of our lips and
stare at everything as though it held significance.
which of course, now that i think back, it truly did.
In the day time, when we would drive around, there would be songs suchs as:
MAE-summertime.PARK-the ghost you are.
saves the day- rocks tonic juice magic.
actually all saves the day,
also any numerous alkaline trio songs.
All of which made us so entirely happy,
we felt compelled to honk at every human being on foot we passed by,
then laugh hysterically.

i think these songs just give me good vibrations,
memories tied in with feel good music-
of course will bring your spirits up and in turn, inspire.

i am glad to of had these memories <3 i need one of these: