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there are so many different classifications of "being independent".
weather it is with your money, your heart, your mind, your social status...
it's always awkward when you realize someone is inviting you to something,
simply because they don't want to go at it alone. i always wonder what sorts of things people
actually enjoy doing alone vs. having company with them. you'd be surprised at the comparison.

for me personally, something i usually only like doing alone is thrifting.
especially in those really old christian owned thrift stores, there are the most compelling things,
forsaken memories and disheveled treasures.  vintage anything worn out of attentiveness.
i appreciate looking at those things by myself. i wonder if that is some sort of vice.
i would go to more garage sales, but i end up feeling kind of transparent when the owner sees me
looking at their things, watching me contemplate weather i want to take it home or not...  it's quite the vulnerable state.
consider me a peeping tom, me and my voyeurism in the less sexual fashion.

i don't usually like to go to live concerts alone, but on the edge of my seat, i've been waiting to see CoCoRosie.
I was definitely fully prepared to go to their show at the crofoot, all by my lonesome, just me in my strawberri dress+ 3 in platforms.
someone i did know did end up meeting me there, which was fine.. i'm glad they got to experience such an unbelievable show.
although, they were told to stfu a few times while i was making audio recordings on my phone.
I probably would have enjoyed it much thoroughly, had i been alone. SO incredible.
A Grand piano, The Harp, synth, beatboxing, and 2 gorgeous ambiguous girls ...
(Sierra deliciously clad in red lingerie topped floral spandex 
and Bianca in some hispanic street gang attire, both garnished with UV lite cheeks)
the only thing that could have made it more perfectly pulse threatening would have been introducing the cello (i may have died)
Sierra doing her obscene russian dancing &opera vocals that took my breath away.
Bianca in charge of all childrens musical electronics, except for the kazoo, of course. <3 best.
they are so absolutely fan fucking tastic. nothing you see on the internet does them live justice.
9/10/09 was a truly magical evening.

MUST leave a video for my own selfish pleasurable viewing....

since we're on the subject of impressive:



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Sep. 16th, 2009 07:21 pm (UTC)
when i was in college, that was where i learned to be by myself and enjoy it... going to restaurants, movies, shopping, salons for hair or nails, and concerts. Especially for good concerts. Nothing moves me more than experiencing it without any social distractions.
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